About Us

Here is what we do...

We are a support group setup to provide guidance for students and professionals who want to succeed in the legal profession. Legalnable has identified that there is a lack of support for disabled students and legal professionals, resulting in a lack of progression in their chosen career.  Legalnable seeks to help disabled people with the career paths they have chosen, in the legal profession and continued progression. 
Our community and values are underpinned by peer-to-peer support. We encourage Friendtorship amongst members. Friendtors are usually subject matter experts or someone that has more experience in a particular area than you do. The relationship you have with a friendtor is similar to a mentor, the only difference is the connections you make are less pressured, transactional and a lot more organic whilst focusing on growth.

What We Offer

Meet Ups

Network building through regular virtual meetups on Zoom


We help build connections in the legal profession

Level Up

Develop your CV through workshops and competitions


Referrals and safe space for everyone to learn